Colorado Custom Lures is a family owned business in Colorado Springs, Colorado, started by a family with a love of fishing going back generations. Chris is a tournament director in the state of Colorado for team bass fishing. Christa is an artist with patience and a great attention to detail. Put the two together and you have a family team with a passion for the sport of fishing and a love of creating works of art, which has lead us to lure making. See how I do it here.

We enjoy creating new designs and seeing the success our customers have catching fish with our lures both in and out of tournaments.  Also, you're encouraged to contact us with any questions or suggestions you have.  Fully custom orders are available and priced on a case by case basis.  As always, happy fishing! - A link to a recent video 8/20/18 I made a video demonstration of one of my detail techniques. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more down the road!